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Having treated, nourished, and reconstructed hair has never been so easy!

The Fashion Gold Hair Schedule Kit has been developed with the highest technology to provide astonishing results from the first application. Its exclusive OrthoReconstructor® technology performs at a high level on every layer of the hair, delivering a comprehensive treatment that restores the hair’s strength, elasticity, and natural beauty. Why a Hair Schedule? The Hair Schedule is a treatment plan with alternating stages during hair washes, each phase focusing on a specific benefit for the hair, including:

Hydration, Nutrition, and Reconstruction.

The Medulla is the central layer of the hair responsible for supporting the hair’s structure. When weakened by chemicals or other stresses, the hair loses resilience and becomes susceptible to breakage and shedding. It contains a high concentration of Keratin and Plant Amino Acids, which regenerate and restructure the MEDULLA of the hair, restoring its vitality and preparing it for chemical procedures such as coloring, bleaching, and progressive straightening. The OrthoReconstructor® technology locks in nutrients, providing instant action and immediate benefits.

The Cortex is the second and primary layer of the hair strand. It concentrates high levels of hydrogen and oxygen, which are responsible for the internal hydration of the strand. It is also responsible for retaining keratin, defining the elasticity and strength of the strands.

When the hair’s cortex is disorganized or damaged due to chemicals and other factors, it is impossible to have beautiful, silky, and healthy hair.

The Cuticle is the outer part of the strand, formed by overlapping scales that together provide protection to the strand. The cuticle is resistant to external actions (physical and chemical) that the hair undergoes. When in contact with strong chemicals, it loses its natural strength, leaving the strand weakened and dull. Damaged hair cuticles significantly increase frizz, make it difficult to comb the strands, and disrupt the natural alignment, leaving the hair without bounce and vitality. With the exclusive OrthoReconstructor® technology, the Fashion Gold Hair Schedule regenerates and restructures the hair’s CUTICLE, leaving the strands looking hydrated, with intense shine, and natural beauty.

For this, we have created a table with visible signs of easily identifiable characteristics of your hair, which should be directly associated with the treatment.

(considering a washing routine of 3 times a week)

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